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Have you got further questions, or would like to book a specific photographer for an event?

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    Katherine O’Malley

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    Matt Young

    Matt Young is a Professional Photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. An in demand Music Photographer, Matt has photographed and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, both live, in the studio and on location.

    Tam Schilling

    Tam has a passion for live music and a passion for photography. Both these passions combined shine through in her live music photos. 


    Richard Nicholson

    I’m a Melbourne based photographer with over ten years experience in live music photography.

    Samantha Meuleman

    Samantha is a passionate, personable photographer skilled in both live show and portrait/promotional photography.

    Lucas Packett

    My art is the documentation of fleeting moments, where for a transient split second I choose to immerse myself completely into what is transpiring before me. I am a searcher, a listener & a collector of moments.

    Darren Chan

    Darren is a freelance photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. His extensive experience as a musician and photographer enables him to intuitively capture the most memorable moments of any event.

    Brittany Long

    The hum of amplifiers, the glare of the lights, the pounding of bass and energy from crowd and stage. The thrill of the chase to capture it all!



    Robert Mezzatesta

    My happy place is up the front of a live show with a camera – capturing the feeling and the buzzing passion through my lens and sharing that feeling with the rest of the world

    Shaquira Hobbs

    My passion is capturing that emotion dripping from live performers in their element. To showcase the magic you can only experience from live music.

    Glen Morgan

    I’ve been pointing my camera at stuff for 40yrs and feel complete with a camera in my hands. Making people look good is my definition of a music photographer.


    Pete Gardner

    Pete Gardner is based in the Swan Valley north of Perth, and is an accomplished Event, landscape and portrait photographer. Pete has been shooting live music for the last 5 years and can usually be found in the front row rocking out with camera in hand.

    Mark Francesca 

    I’m aways trying to capture the energy, emotion and essence of a performance. Like a band, I feel concert photography is a cohesion of artists, crowd, venue and photographer.

    Adrian Thomson



    Deb Kloeden

    After years of teaching Photography, I left the teaching game to follow my dream of becoming a concert photographer, combining my loves of music and photography.