ROBERT Mezzatesta

ROBERT Mezzatesta

I am a photographer based in Sydney, Australia. My happy place is up the front of a live show with a camera – capturing the feeling and the buzzing passion through my lens and sharing that feeling with the rest of the world.
I’ve been photographing nature and life around me for over 25 years; through travel across the world, exploring the hidden gems of my local area; and capturing the perspectives of light and objects in design.
Over the last few years I’ve been concentrating on shooting live music shows – bringing together my two favourite passions of music and photography. I have shot shows from the smallest, darkest stages showing off some fantastic local acts, all the way through to multi-stage festivals with major touring acts; and everything in between.
Experienced in: Live music, Industrial design, Landscape photography and Nature photography
Rob has been creating photos for 25 years both across Australia and internationally. Over the last 4 years his focus has been on shooting hundreds of live events, ranging from small to large entertainment venues.

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"Hey There. Amazing Shots from You Am I the other night. Amazing"
April 17, 2021
"Hey Rob, My name's Jeremy and I host a radio show focusing on female vocalists! I am in awe of the photos you have shared on here and if you wanted to have a chat/interview with me in the coming weeks about your work."
April 22, 2021
“Hey mate, photos look great! It was so dark in Waywards u did so well!“
April 13, 2021
“Rob, I love the photos you took on Saturday night!! “
April 28, 2021

Some Artists Rob Mezzatesta has worked with...