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About Amnplified

Amnplified is the commercial division of the Amnplify universe. Created from our core value of relational connections over mere transactions, our ‘Amnplified’ objective is simple: to collaborate with and promote Artists and their projects, so they are amplified in our industry. 

Since 2012, Amnplify has become one of Australia’s largest independently owned and operated music sites. With a passionate, music-loving team that believes in supporting artists and the music industry, we understand and highly value the importance of collaboration.


The concept of The Famnily has underpinned and provided the foundational approach of our business since it’s conception.

Receive many different promotional publicity advantages by becoming a part of our Amnplified FAMNILY!

'Amnplified' Testimonials

We always feel so privileged to work with the incredible people in our Industry, both here and overseas.
Amnplify is more than just a promotional vehicle to us – it’s a collaborative network of passionate people, working together to support artists and our Industry. We love championing music, and the creators that make it possible, and are continually creating and developing new and exciting ways to promote them to the world!

…And we’re SUPER chuffed our ‘customers’ ( or rather, collaborators) feel the same way! 

Emily Cheung

On The Map PR

Amnplify are without a doubt one of the biggest supporters of Australian music.  Shining a light on everyone from indie, emerging bands and artists, to established acts, our brands are aligned because we both thrive off and love to work with genuinely decent humans, and Amnplify staff from the top down are exactly that.  And with an enormous and dedicated team around Aus, they have their finger on the pulse and snap and publish more live galleries than any other zine we work with. We’re lucky to be able to call Dave Bruce and the whole team at Amplify our friends.  And you know they’ve successfully indoctrinated you when you start seeing the word ‘amplify’ and think it’s been misspelt – where’s the ‘n’?!  Onya AMNPLIFY, you’ve won us over for life!

We love working with Dave & his dedicated team, they always go above and beyond to create meaningful engaging content for the artist and the readers and it's always done with a smile
Sammie Anschau
Beehive PR
Amnplify is so much more than a music publication. They are a point of connection between the artist, the fans and the music industry alike. Guided by one of the most genuine cats in the game, Dave Bruce, it’s no wonder that connection is so paramount within this team. My interactions with Dave and Amnplify have been nothing but the most positive, and the work they do is first class all the way! Always available to listen, always taking the time to think outside the box, always happy to share a tale. Thanks guys!
Ryan Miller
Cult Etiquette PR Housefox Studios Black Rheno
We here at The PR Files have worked with the Amnplify team for many years. Amnplify continues to support new and established Australian and Global artists by sharing their exciting news or adding them to their curated Spotify playlists. We love Amnplify!! 
Natalie Files
PR Files

Jack Pierce

Pierce Brothers

Amnplify have supported so many releases from Pierce Brothers, tour announces, new music, and any news we may have. They have been an excellent supporter of both independent and established musicians in Australia. Throughout the yearlong release schedule of our latest album Into The Great Unknown, with many singles, videos and other content, Amnplify helped spread the word to their extensive audience and helped get our music in front of new ears and eyes. They have always been keen on trying new and innovative ways to engage with audiences. We've enjoyed working together and are looking forward to continuing working together for future releases.


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