Shaquira Hobbs

Shaquira Hobbs

Hey I am Shaquira Hobbs but everyone calls me Shaq. I am the owner and creative behind the lens at forbidden fruit photography. My love for photography began at the start of high school, I have since studied and grew my passion for photography.
After leaving the hospitality world as a Chef to start a family, it was always in the back of my mind that I wouldn’t be returning to the split shifts and late nights. That’s when I decided to turn my passion for photography into a career, now working a job that feels a dream.
I have been shooting live shows for 4 years and commercial for 2 years. My passion is capturing that emotion dripping from live performers in their element. To showcase the magic you can only experience from live music.

Experienced in: Live music, Portraits and Commercial photography
I have been a professional photographer for four years but my photography journey started in high school. In 2018 I finally got my hands on a camera that could handle a live show, camera under my jacket I snuck my camera into The Angels and that is where I realised my true passion and have been shooting live shows ever since.
My style of photography is bold and colourful and I edit to the feel of the music and atmosphere of the show. I am proud of every gig I shoot but my favourites would have to be Amity Affliction, Pnau, Jon Stevens, Adam Brand, JPY & the All stars, and Groovin the moo 22.
I have been studying photography since high school, attending multiple workshops, courses, and research.
Recent achievements:

1- Top 70 Australia photographers in the 35Awards.

2- Featured on viewbug

3- Published multiple times from The herald too American publications.

4-An image that went viral in 2021 all over the world.

Favourite Amnplify Galleries:

Some Artists Shaquira Hobbs has worked with...