​At Amnplify, we’re different.  We like to hang out in dark venues, travel across town for that awesome event. Then we burn the midnight oil editing photos and stories to get them out to the public.  We work this way because we’re passionate about what we do, and it shows.

We believe in amplifying our experiences, and that’s why since 2012, Amnplify has become one of Australia’s largest independently owned and operated music sites.  With a team that believes in supporting and promoting artists and the music industry, we understand and highly value the importance of collaboration.

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The goal for most people is to be sustained doing something they love.

The goal for Amnplify is to find personal payoffs through harmony. We do this by focusing on the moment, and being impeccable with our service.
It made sense to create an area that is designed to help two of our most important audiences, the Amnplify Team and Artists, develop their income streams doing what they love.

Too often today, people find it difficult in today’s marketplace to generate income from what they create. The Internet provides so many free vehicles of entertainment that to find a dollar amongst the electronic proliferation is not that easy. Amnplified will work to change that for these people by creating unique and entertaining material that provides the buying public with strong value propositions.

Take a tour of what is on offer. Come back regularly as the offers continue to come to you and we will continue to expand our services to deliver a first class experience for you. Visually, physically, emotionally, spiritually – we will be aiming for all four, but if we hit you with one and you are happy, we will be too.

This is not just a simple grab for cash by a business. No product or service gets offered to the public without the creator’s approval, followed by the artist’s approval where applicable. Amnplified is all about servicing those three markets honourably. The creator, the artist and finally, but most importantly, the fan.
Have fun searching through some of the finest collaborations on offer.

Amplify Your Experience

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